Thursday, December 16, 2010

True Grit

Last night Cayne and I went to a screening of the Coen Brother's remake of "True Grit". We weren't sure how crowded it would be so we knew there was a chance we wouldn't actually get to see the movie. We had passed on an opportunity to see "How Do You Know" a couple weeks ago because I just wasn't sure about leaving Ethan for so long (considering his sometimes erratic meal-time requests). But when I got the email about a Coen Brother's movie screening, it was hard to pass up. Also, Cayne and I have really been getting into watching Westerns this year.

So knowing that we'd see the movie at some point anyway, even if we had to wait until it opened and actually pay to see it, we decided to give it a go. Mom and Dad agreed to babysit and our plan was to head to Coolsprings and see if we got in -- if we didn't then we'd just have a nice dinner out. Well, we got there about 40 minutes before the movie started and the line was pretty long, but we managed to get in, and even though we were nowhere near the front of the line, Cayne found us some awesome seats almost in the center of the theatre. We sat behind some die-hards --- one dressed as "Rooster" wearing a cowboy hat and eye patch and one dressed as "LaBoeuf", complete with a leather fringe jacket and bullet belt slung over his shoulder. I admit --it was a little nerve wracking to sit behind someone carrying lots of bullets into a movie theatre, but I suppose I'd rather see bullets in a movie theatre than in a bar (sorry, TN legislators). And I do wonder if they guy wearing the eye patch took it off to watch the movie or if he stayed in character for the entire screening.

The movie was awesome! I haven't seen the original yet (we'll have to do that now) but the story and dialogue were just wonderful. See the trailer here. I definitely recommend this one...and yes, I'll admit that some of the recent Coen Brother flicks haven't been all that great, but the story here is just really, really good. Cayne put it best -- he said, "It's like it could have really happened."

Oh -- and Ethan was perfectly happy to play with his grandparents while we were enjoying the movie!!!

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