Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Visit to the Pediatrician

Today, Ethan had his first check-up at the pediatrician's office.  He wasn't very happy about going but calmed down once we got there (and changed his diaper).  Before Dr. Hain came in to check on him, Ethan caught his first glimpse of himself in the mirror.  The expression on his face was priceless and I'm glad I caught a picture of it!!

The doctor said everything is looking perfect with him -- he was the same weight as his discharge weight (7lb 13oz) and although he has a tiny bit of jaundice in his face it is normal and nothing to worry about.  The exciting news for us was that since he has been eating so well since he was born we could go ahead and give him a pacifier -- that is going to be such a help (and I'm super happy that the nursery nurse gave us so many of the hospital soothies)!

Getting his check-up.
Being weighed.
First time using a pacifer -- I think he is trying to figure out what it is.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming Home

 Ethan, Mommy, and Daddy got to come home from the hospital today.  We were nervous to leave the hospital and constant care of the really great postpartum and nursery nurses and the lactation consultants but are excited to start our new lives as parents.  Our hospital stay has been very nice.  All the Vanderbilt staff have been wonderful to us and we had an exciting day yesterday during a tornado warning in Nashville where all the babies and parents had leave their rooms (because of the windows) and go to the nursery for safety.  There were 30 babies and lots of parents in there!  Ethan was perfect and I held him the entire time without him even making a peep!

Today, we put Ethan in his cute "going home"  -- his first real clothes since being born and took lots of pictures of him in his outfit and in his car seat.  He was relaxing in his car seat carrier while we were waiting for the wheelchair to arrive to take me to our car when he dirtied his diaper.  Well, Cayne and I aren't the quickest (or most expert) diaper changers so while we were cleaning him up, he wet himself and it got all over him and his clothes, making for a very unhappy baby.  Of course, this happened right as the wheelchair arrived!  We pulled out an auxiliary outfit and our nurse helped put it on him before wheeling us out to our car. 

Ethan seemed mesmerized with the car ride home and I sat in the back to get some photos.  We were greeted at home by Grandma Dianne and Granddad Colin, who had arrived from New Zealand on the day he was born.  We had a fun time showing his around the house and his new room before all of us collapsed for a nap.  We are happy, healthy, and exhausted!!!

Almost ready to go!
Daddy putting the car seat in the car.

Bye Bye Vanderbilt!

Looking around on the drive home. 
We made it!
About to go inside his home for the first time.

Our family!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ethan is here!

Ethan Clive Wagener arrived on October 25th at 9:50 in the morning.  He is 8lb 5oz and 22 inches long and is a perfect little cutie.  He was delivered at Vanderbilt University Medical Center by Linda Hughlett, one of the Vanderbilt Nurse Midwives.  We got to the hospital at about 8:30 in the morning, my water broke at about 8:45.  It turned out that we got to the hospital too late for an epidural (or any other pain medication) but the Labor and Delivery Nurses and Linda made the experience as relaxed as possible -- they were wonderful!  As typical parents, we think our baby is the cutest little boy we have ever seen and we fell in love with him instantly!

Ethan's first visitors were Grandma and Grandpa Wade, who arrived moments after he was born and heard his cries from the hallway as they were walking in and Uncle Russ, who arrived just a few minutes after them.  He has been a great baby so far and has also met his Aunts Sarah and Ashley, Cousin Mackenzie, Grandma Dianne and Grandad Colin.
Grandma Wade meeting Baby Ethan in the delivery room.

Grandpa Wade meeting Baby Ethan in the delivery room.
Russ, Ashley, and Mackenzie with Ethan.
Sarah with Ethan.

Grandma Dianne and Granddad Colin had arrived that evening
from New Zealand and came to the hospital, luggage in tow.

A sleepy, but happy Daddy.

PS.  I think walking up all those stairs at Percy Warner Park on Oct 24th must have helped move things along!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

41 Weeks, 2 Days Pregnant

While we are still waiting for Baby Wagener to make his appearance we are trying to enjoy these last few pre-baby days.  I'm trying to remain positive that at some point labor will actually start on its own, although I'm beginning to doubt that.

Today was our last day of "just the two of us"  before Cayne's mom and Colin arrive tomorrow from New Zealand to visit with us through Thanksgiving and before the baby arrives.  Of course, we had hoped to have already had some time to bond with the baby by the time they arrived but it will be nice for them to get to see him right away as well.

Although Cayne had to spend most of the day working, we did get to head out for a drive looking at the pretty fall colors (before all the leaves are gone) and to Percy Warner Park for a nice walk.  We climbed up the hill of stairs at the park and then meandered back down the driving path to our car.  There were lots of people out and the weather was perfect so it made for a really nice day.

Glad I made it up without too much huffing and puffing.  

If you squint, you can see the dot that is our car parked
 alongside the road at the bottom of the hill.  

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stocking Up

We are 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant today.  Baby Wagener is still perfectly content where he is and even though he is still very active, there's no activity indicating he wants to come out.  We have made sure that we are stocked up on supplies once he does decide to make his big arrival.  Our freezer is stocked full (mainly with Trader Joe's frozen goodness) and we even got some celebratory California wine from Windsor Vineyards (where you can get a personalized label...I went to their "tasting room when I visited Napa/Sonoma/Healdsburg a while back).  I'm just happy that even though we can't buy wine in the grocery store in TN we can at least have some shipped to us -- in MD you couldn't buy in the grocery store OR have it shipped to you.

I decided on a pumpkin label to celebrate our "Little Pumpkin"

Yep, the freezer is pretty full.  

And so is my belly.

 Cayne also spent Sunday crossing things off the task list we made last month.  He even got the gas fireplace working for us (apparently there were directions somewhere inside there) and helped me get the bedskirts put on our beds.  And he started cooking us some baby back ribs for dinner tonight between all these chores -- I can't wait to try them!
I should have taken this while the fire was still on!

Sugar Cookies!

I tried making "purple" for the bats --
 it turned out a little too gray.  
 Last night, I decided that if I started making sugar cookies, Little Bit would probably decide it was time to arrive before I could finish them (I let the dough chill overnight, then bake and wait for them to cool before frosting).  Well, as you can see, he must have decided he wanted a taste of the cookies before his arrival!

So, even though Baby Wagener hasn't joined us yet, at least we get to eat some delicious sugar cookies while we keep waiting!!!
Leaves, pumpkins, ghosts, and a moon.

Unfrosted cookies for those who prefer them without the frosting.  
Little Bit got flour and powdered sugar on him during the process too --
the belly gets in the way of everything!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pictures of the nursery

Hopefully, Little Bit will be here soon to enjoy his cozy room and decorations.  We still need to get the rocking chair (it will go under the round mirrors).  And I think the yellow color Cayne painted looks much, much better than the grayish-white that was there before!


The cards we've received so far and cute decals around the closet.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 -- Chihuly at Cheekwood

Most people who know us know that we were really hoping for Little Bit to have a 10/10/10 birthday even though his due date is 10/15/10.  I think it would be a pretty a cool birthday to have, and from Cayne's perspective, it's binary so it would be appropriate for Little "Bit" to have a binary birthday.  Well, it doesn't seem like that's going to happen as Baby Wagener seems perfectly content where he is, for now.

That didn't mean that Cayne and I didn't get to have some fun on October 10, 2010 anyway.  Although Cayne had to get up early to get some work done, by 11:00 we had left the house for a yummy brunch at Ruby Tuesdays before heading to Chihuly at Cheekwood to pass a few hours and then visiting mom, dad, and Sarah at mom & dad's house in Franklin.  We then caught an early evening showing of "The Town" (a pretty good movie) before heading home with some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.  It was a great day/evening out and we do hope the baby decides that he wants to meet us soon!!

A good "39 weeks" picture!

A spider and web we saw in the Japanese Garden

These "Walla Wallas" are meant to look like onions.  And they kind-of do!

I'm not so good at staring into the sun... 

Me, very happy that I made it all the way to the 13th and final installation.  
Chihuly at Cheekwood was really neat, so anyone in Nashville who hasn't seen it, I recommend stopping by -- it's only there through the end of the month.