Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo Time

Today Ethan and I had fun taking pictures.  We played games while changing him into different outfits and I snapped away.  Some of the pictures turned out really nice, but most have blurry hands or feet from him wiggling around.  It was still a lot of fun for both of us so we will have to do it again!

In a hat and blanket knitted by his great-grandma Philips years ago.

Little Fisherman!  In a hat made by his Auntie Monique in NZ.
An adorable sweater also made by Auntie Monique.
Very happy and toasty in the gift from Auntie Glenys in NZ.  

A shot of the whole outfit from Auntie Glenys.

Little angel in the knitted gown from his great-grandma Timperly in NZ. 

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