Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Months!

It seems like yesterday that I was writing a "three weeks" post and now Ethan is already three months old!  I can't get enough of his giggles (his crying is another story, altogether) and look forward to all the new discoveries he is going to make in the next month.

Some exciting things have happened in the past month:

He is out of his "newborn napper" and is sleeping in the bassinet portion of his Pack N Play.  He is still in our bedroom -- the next step (within the next couple of weeks) will be moving to his nursery.

In his newborn napper on Halloween.
In the newborn napper in Dec.

More room to stretch out in the Pack N Play Bassinet.

He started sleeping through the night on January 16th -- he will stay in bed (and quiet, although not necessarily asleep) for about 9.5 hours each night.  I think the darkness and the sound of Cayne and I breathing (or snoring) helps to keep him asleep.  I hope his wonderful nighttime sleeping doesn't stop once he moves to his own room.

He has found his thumb and is pretty good at sucking it to keep himself asleep.

He is a catnapping baby during the day.  No matter what I do, I can rarely keep him asleep for more than 45 minutes.  The only exceptions are when he is in his swing (sometimes) or when I'm running errands with him in the carseat (he's almost always asleep then).

He weighs about 15.25 lbs according to our house scale.  That includes his clothes so he probably weighs a little less than that.

He has started to grab for and "play" with things that we dangle in front of him.  By "play" I mean stare at it and/or try to put it in his mouth.

He loves to sit up...in his Bouncy seat, in his Bumbo seat, or on our laps.

He likes to stand.  Of course, we have to hold him steady.

He STILL hates tummy time.  It's getting a little bit better but he protests very loudly!  Here's a video of him trying very hard to get back onto his back...something he still can't do.

His favorite toy is the mobile hanging above his changing table.  I swear that he sometimes forces a diaper change just to see his insect mobile spinning.

His favorite book is Peter Pan -- the Little Golden Book Disney version.  He is starting to get more interactive with his books too.

He went to his first class -- Kindermusik and seemed to enjoy being around other babies.

If clothing has attached feet, Ethan is now wearing the 6 months size, although he doesn't quite fill them out.  For one-piece outfits, he can still wear the 3 months size, but the pants don't come down very far, so he needs tall socks.

He "talks" all the time!  He loves having "conversations" with us.  I can't wait to hear him say an actual word someday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ethan's first Class

Daddy is proud of his big school boy.

So is Mummy!

This morning I took Ethan to his first class, Kindermusik Village at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt.  It's a 15-week class that meets on Wednesdays, so we will see how well Ethan and I do at consistently getting somewhere on time.  Luckily, class starts at 11:30 so it doesn't mean too much rushing around on my part.  That said, Ethan did spit up all over me just before we were supposed to leave, forcing a last-minute clothing change (so much for wearing that nice, warm, wool sweater on a super cold and snowy day).
"Wait...what is this school thing?  I'm not sure about this"

Ethan stayed awake for the entire class -- he was so engrossed in watching the other babies and parents moving around.  Ethan is the youngest child in the class -- the next youngest is a 4-month-old for whom this is the second Kindermusik class she's taken.  So, while Ethan didn't crawl or walk around as much as the other kids, he did seem to be soaking it all in (with a few really big yawns stuck in there).  His favorite parts were playing with the jingle bell rattles (he grasped his rattle himself...and accidentally rattled it a couple times), the waving "hello" song (when it was his turn the be waved "hello" to, the teacher swore he acted like he wanted to wave back), and the song where he laid on the floor with all the other babies for a belly-rub (he enjoyed looking from side-to-side to see who was there).

I took my camera but forgot to take any pictures while there because it was so interactive but will try to get some before the semester is over.

After we got home and ate some lunch, both of us were super tired so we settled down for a long afternoon nap!
"I want to go back to Kindermusik"

"But I might just be sleepy"

Yup -- time for a nap!

Ice! with Sarah and Nathaniel

To celebrate the New Year, Cayne, Sarah, Nathaniel, and I ventured out to see Ice! at Opryland on it's last day in town (January 2nd).  We braved the 6-degree cold to see the retelling (in ice sculpture) of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".  It was cold...and fun.  And the hot chocolate at the end really hit the spot!

Sarah pointed out all the Steiff bears

Sarah and Nathaniel made some new friends

So did Cayne!

Sarah sliding down the ice slide

Me, sliding down the ice slide after Sarah

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Wageners!
We had a pretty low-key New Year's Eve this year.   We went to dinner at Chuy's (yum!) with Sarah while Mom and Dad babysat Ethan.
With Grandpa on New Year's Eve
We also went to the Morrissey's house for an early New Year's toast before heading home in time to feed the baby and be in bed asleep just before the ball dropped on 2010.  We woke up for a yummy breakfast of Apple Cinnamon waffle (with apple-cinnamon syrup), courtesy of Cayne for a great start to the new year.  We tried to forget about Ethan waking up in the middle of the night and going through 4 diapers in one changing!

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2011!