Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trip to Illinois

Having fun with Great-Grandma Poteet

 Ethan finally got to meet his Great-Grandma Poteet last weekend.  On Saturday morning we left home and drove about 7 hours to Bloomington, Illinois.  Ethan did great on the drive -- sleeping, babbling, and playing almost the whole way.  He got fussy about the last 30 minutes, which made us happy that we had already decided to stop for the night in Bloomington instead of heading the extra 30 minutes to Morton, where his Great-Grandma lives.

Sunday morning we headed to his Great-Grandma's house in Morton.  It was a quick and easy drive and it was exciting for us to introduce Ethan to his first great-grandparent.  We visited with grandma and Ivon the whole day and had a good lasagna for lunch and apple dumpling pie for dessert.  Ethan had fun meeting them but especially loved playing with their cat.  He giggled and chased the cat everywhere he could; luckily, the cat was faster than Ethan.

Ethan also loved this puppy statue
(and it couldn't run away from him)!

After leaving Morton, we went back to our hotel for an afternoon nap before meeting The Arendells for a delicious dinner at Beningo's Restaurant.  It was fun to catch up with them and Ethan had tons of fun playing with them at the dinner table.  We came home on Monday so it was a short trip but it was great to catch up with everyone we saw in the short time we were there!  Plus, Ethan got to spend time in two new states:  Kentucky and Illinois!

Creamer packets are fun toys!
Dan showed Ethan how to use a pen and a fun hand-stacking game.