Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Ethan is One Month old today!

Today was Ethan's first Thanksgiving and also his one month birthday. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at mom's house with all the fixings with the family. Afterwards, we did a little pre-Black Friday shopping at Michaels to get a Christmas tree that was one sale.
Cayne and I are both thankful to have such a wonderful and healthy baby boy who brings us joy everyday. He's done a lot over the past month (and the past week). Some highlights are:

  • He loves his Baby Einstein Ocean Adventure gym -- he kicks the bar to get the rattle going and we've set it so that the music plays or changes when the bar is vibrated, which he really enjoys.

  • He has his 4 week/1month check-up at the doctor and is 10 lbs 3 oz now. The odd thing is that he has "shrunk" and is 21.75 inches long (but they couldn't straighten his legs out all the way, so they think that's why he seems "smaller").

  • His first Thanksgiving. 

  • First time in the Baby Bjorn Carrier (he fell asleep immediately).

  • First time in the Lillebaby carrier. 

  • He has noticed the giant giraffe in his bedroom.

What is Ethan looking at?
His Giraffe!!!!

  • He is starting to really giggle and coo.

A tired daddy with Ethan on Thanksgiving morning (his one-month birthday!).

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