Monday, November 1, 2010

One Week!!

Today Ethan is one week old!  I can't believe a week has already gone by -- we are so happy to have him in our lives.  He has been a really good baby so far and even lets us get a reasonable amount of sleep at night.  Here are some of the exciting things Ethan did in his first week:
  • Met all his Grandparents (Nana and Poppa Wagener he met on Skype). 
  • Met all his aunts, uncles, and cousins (the NZ relatives via Skype).
  • First bath at home (even if it was a sponge bath).

  • First trip to the doctor's office. 
  • Took a pacifier.
  • Had his first book read to him (Guess How Much I Love You).  
  • Dressed up as a vampire bat for Halloween (our little milk-sucker).  

Ethan's pre-costume Halloween outfit to get him in the spirit!

"I want to drink some milk!"

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