Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Weeks!!

I can't believe Ethan is already 3 weeks old!  We are more enthralled with him each and every day.  This past week was an exciting week for him -- some highlights are:

  • He went for a ride in his stroller for the very first time (on a walk around the neighborhood).  

There's our house at the end of the street.

  • His umbilical cord fell off -- he has a belly button now!  
  • He tried official "tummy time" and hated it so much he thrashed around until rolling over onto his back.  
Tummy time on the cool blanket Auntie Monique made for him. 

Finally -- rescued from tummy time!
  • He went on his first "outing" to Ted's Montana Grill for lunch and then to the Nashville Parthenon. 
  • He likes his swing!

  • He went on his first shopping trip to Target (after lunch at Panerra Bread).  
  • He has started to get baby acne (just like the pediatrician said he would).  
  • He had his first "real" bath in the bathtub.  
  • He loves the tiger on the wall next to his changing table.  

  • He sometimes gives what we are positive are real smiles and giggles.  

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