Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our First CSA

I picked up our first CSA box today from our Doe Run Farm pick-up spot at Maryland Farms.  Cayne and I are excited to eat farm-fresh produce without having to try and decide what exactly we should buy.  I figured that this way, once a week we'll get a box of fresh veggies and can then decide what to make with them!  We did the mini-share -- there's no reason to get too much of a veggie overload our first time trying this out.

This week's box included a pint of strawberries, a cauliflower, 2 broccolis, spring onions, some greens (either kale, swiss chard, or turnip greens), and what I think is a rutabaga.  Jamie Oliver would be very disappointed in my lack of ability to positively identify the rutabaga and the greens.  However, Cayne and I are going to love eating all these yummy-looking veggies and we are already looking forward to next week when we'll also start getting a box of fruit with our veggies!

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  1. Ok -- we found out what the mystery vegetable was today -- it's a kohlrabi!