Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dinner Tonight: Bulgogi and Chard

Tonight I used some of our CSA vegetables and something new I found at Trader Joe's:  Beef Bulgogi.  I always love Trader Joe's marinated meats and I used to like the Bulgogi cart that would come to the NIH campus for special events.  While I didn't prepare a traditional Korean meal, it still ended up tasting delicious and we discovered a new way to cook Swiss Chard (I'm honestly not sure if I've even eaten chard before).  I steamed the asparagus and cooked the chard (leaves and chopped stems) in olive oil/garlic/crushed red pepper and then added some lemon juice before serving -- a simple recipe I got out of The Joy of Cooking.  BTW -- apparently you are supposed to wrap your bulgogi in lettuce leaves but I just mixed some of the chard with the beef and it tasted great.  The best part was that everything cooked really quickly -- once things were chopped and ready to go, the cooking time was only about 10 minutes.  Now I'm ready for my next CSA vegetable challenge.

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