Friday, April 1, 2011

Trip to Arizona: Tucson

I think the little Buddha will be just fine without his mum for the night.  
For the past couple of days we stayed in Tucson, introducing Ethan to old friends.  On Thursday, we had fun showing him off to my old colleagues at the UA (just being back on campus felt nice) and the boys got to hang out by themselves while I had my nails done and then went to a bachelorette dinner at Pizzeria Vivace with Leslie and friends.  It was a fun day and night of catching up and celebrating Leslie's upcoming wedding!
Wait!  Mom!  Where are you going without me?!
Erika, Sangita, and Barbara
Leslie, Wendy, and me

Today, we had lunch with Tim and Diane Bowden at Tohono Chul Park and got to introduce Ethan to them.  It was a little warm (and sunny) but we had a good time chatting and eating delicious food.  Ethan had fun with the Bowdens too!  After lunch, we had a fun time visiting with Erika for a short time before heading back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.

Tonight was Leslie's Rehearsal and Dinner.  The ceremony will be fun.  Apparently the minister thinks the either Wendy or I will pass out in the heat (fat chance) and that the wedding will not start on time (also not likely).  Dinner was great -- at Macayo's, where I think you can get some of the best margaritas ever.  We had fun because Ethan was being held (and watched) by other people the entire night...meaning that Cayne and I got to actually enjoy eating our food and talking with other people in peace.  Usually one of us gets to eat while the other takes care of Ethan.  I had fun because I got to see Wendy and Lisa again, whom I hadn't seen for years and years (and Cayne got to meet them too, finally).  Somehow, I didn't get a picture of them with Ethan though!  Lisa must have been missing her boys, because she loved holding Ethan during the dinner (she's also had more practice doing that and eating than we have).  Cayne got to meet Leslie's parents too (I think they were much more normal that he expected, considering all the stories!!).  It was absolutely a fun time and a great kick-off to the wedding festivities tomorrow!

Getting ready for dinner at Macayo's!

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