Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trip to the Nashville Zoo

Today, Ethan and I headed out to the Nashville Zoo to meet some of the moms (and a nanny) from our Kindermusik class.  I had never been to the Nashville Zoo before but I love zoos and decided this would be a fun way to go for a walk with Ethan -- and having animals to look at on the way was an added bonus!

Ethan wanted to be the tour guide.
Ethan got out of his stroller to see the Schmidt's Guenon and the Red Panda.  He particularly liked the Red Panda because it was moving around in front of the viewing window so when I held Ethan up to it, he tracked the panda with his eyes (and head) all the way around the pen.  Our group only did the jungle loop before stopping for a rest and then heading home.  The other babies had lunch during our rest, but Ethan decided it was a better time for a nap.

Looking? at the flamingos

The zoo was full of moms (and dads) with their children, but not too crowded for a Thursday morning.  I decided that all these other parents must know a good thing when they see it so I went ahead and got us a family membership to the zoo.  Now I can take a guest with me and Ethan anytime we go to the zoo (so Nashville friends, let me know if you are interested!) and we also have reciprocal membership at zoos across the country (so friends in cities with zoos, we can take you too!).  I figure that the Nashville zoo is so close to our house about a 12 minute drive) that Ethan and I should go for zoo walks regularly this year.

Ok mom, it's time to go home!


  1. YAY! Mackenzie and I would love to join you and perhaps take advantage of the membership.

  2. Awesome! I got it with you and Mackenzie in mind!
    :) Now we have another option for summer walks (or weekend activities before school ends)!