Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Stroller Hike around Radnor Lake

Cayne and Ethan on the road by Radnor Lake.
Today we decided to get out of the house and into the sunshine with a walk in the park.  We wanted to go somewhere new so we went to Radnor Lake, a park where some of the moms in Ethan's Kindermusik class go on weekly hikes as part of the Bambino Brigade.  It sounded like a nice place (a few other friends had mentioned it to us, too) and we couldn't let something so close to our house stay a mystery for too much longer!

It was a little crowded (we parked along Otter Creek Road in the overflow parking because the visitor center parking was full.  We walked along the road around half the lake before cutting over to the Lake Trail for our trip back.  We should have taken the Bambino Brigade baby carrying motto to heart because we really should have carried Ethan on the trail rather than taking the stroller.  That said, our Graco Quattro Tour Sport lived up to the "Sport" in it's name because it did a great job on the rougher terrain, all things considered!  The Lake Trail was an easy walk and Ethan got out of the stroller to explore the woods and see the lake (and he even cautiously touched a tree).  I'm sure Radnor Lake will be a beautiful place to walk this summer...and I'm definitely going to need to paractice my baby carrying so that maybe sometime soon I'll be able to do the "strenuous" Ganier Ridge Trail with him!

There's a turtle swimming in this photo -- can you spot it? 

Walking through the woods.  

Our stroller did an OK job on the trail!

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