Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sugar Cookies!

I tried making "purple" for the bats --
 it turned out a little too gray.  
 Last night, I decided that if I started making sugar cookies, Little Bit would probably decide it was time to arrive before I could finish them (I let the dough chill overnight, then bake and wait for them to cool before frosting).  Well, as you can see, he must have decided he wanted a taste of the cookies before his arrival!

So, even though Baby Wagener hasn't joined us yet, at least we get to eat some delicious sugar cookies while we keep waiting!!!
Leaves, pumpkins, ghosts, and a moon.

Unfrosted cookies for those who prefer them without the frosting.  
Little Bit got flour and powdered sugar on him during the process too --
the belly gets in the way of everything!

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