Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ethan is Eleven Months Old

Today Ethan turned eleven months old.  I can't believe we've already reached this milestone and that I'm going to be planning a first birthday soon!  He is the sweetest little boy and is getting good at letting us know what he wants (without using words).  Here are some things he's been up to in the past month.
  • He has three teeth now (2 on the bottom and 1 on top).
  • He likes to grind his teeth - he really seems to love the noise even though Cayne and I hate it.
  • He can pull up to standing and "cruise" from object to object as long as he is holding on.
  • He likes to give cuddles.
  • His favorite game is bulldozing daddy.
  • He also likes pushing his walker around while crawling...I'm sure one day he'll try standing up behind it.
  • Another favorite game is "Up and Down"...when Ethan pulls himself up to standing when we say "Up" and then sits back down when we say "Down".  This game can go on forever!
  • He doesn't call us "mommy" or "daddy" but he knows that's what we are called.  He will "go to" or "come to" whichever one we tell him to.
  • His favorite word is "Haa-Dah".  We don't know what it means but he says it alot.
  • He loves pointing at new things.  Since Cayne likes to read him The Nose Book, Ethan will point at your nose if you ask "Where is my nose?".  Sometimes he gets confused and points at your eye, but he usually gets it right!  
  • He has started eating some mushy finger foods (bananas, avocados, pasta, green beans) and Stage 3 chunkier foods.  He will finally eat just about anything we give him.
  • He has started trying to eat everything he finds on the ground...paper, carpet fuzz, dead bugs.
  • He went to Disneyworld!
  • He likes swinging in our little neighborhood playground.
  • He started his Kindermusik "Sign and Sing" class.  He doesn't do any signs yet but hopefully he'll learn some soon! 

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