Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden: Harvest Time

It's time to start finding some new things to plant in our little garden.  Yesterday, Cayne "harvested" all of our potatoes (they look great and we fried one to taste and it was tender and delicious) and we've been enjoying the lettuce and zucchini for a while now.  The carrots are still growing good and the zucchini plants are still producing but I think we picked the last of our lettuce the other day.

So far the tally is:
  • 20 red baby potatoes
  • 2 zucchini (and 3-4+ more on the way)
  • a few bunches of lettuce/mesclun (enough for about 6 salads, and some sandwiches/hamburgers)
  • carrots (TBD) 
Our bibb lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, herbs, and cantaloupe didn't grow.  One little tomatoes plant is finally starting to grow.  It might be too late for it to actually produce anything this summer but we'll see. Was it worth it?  Well, maybe not monetarily because of the expense to get it started (the soil, container, etc) but it has been a fun experience and what we did get tasted great.  If we keep it up, it will definitely start being more cost-effective, since the seeds (or plants, which is probably what we will use next time) are cheap in comparison to buying at the store.

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