Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trip to Arizona: Casa Grande Ruins and Tucson

Today we left Sedona to head down to Tucson where we'll spend most of our trip.  We'll spend a few nights at Sangita's house before checking into the Westward Look Resort for Leslie's wedding.  On the way out of Sedona, we stopped for a few more photos of the beautiful red rock formations.

Playing with Cayne in our hotel room.

We had to stop for In N Out burgers on our way through Phoenix...after all, no trip to Arizona could be complete without Mexican food and In N Out Burger!  We also stopped at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  Ethan got his first slathering of baby sunblock there -- even though technically he's not supposed to have it until he is 6 months, I decided the sun was just to hot and bright to risk sun damage, even though we weren't outside with him for very long.

Ethan inside the Salado Indian ruins.

Then we headed the rest of the way to Tucson and introduced Ethan to Sangita, who made us a delicious Indian dinner!  Sangita completely doted on Ethan and he soaked up all the attention!  It will be a fun few days!

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