Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ethan's first Class

Daddy is proud of his big school boy.

So is Mummy!

This morning I took Ethan to his first class, Kindermusik Village at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt.  It's a 15-week class that meets on Wednesdays, so we will see how well Ethan and I do at consistently getting somewhere on time.  Luckily, class starts at 11:30 so it doesn't mean too much rushing around on my part.  That said, Ethan did spit up all over me just before we were supposed to leave, forcing a last-minute clothing change (so much for wearing that nice, warm, wool sweater on a super cold and snowy day).
"Wait...what is this school thing?  I'm not sure about this"

Ethan stayed awake for the entire class -- he was so engrossed in watching the other babies and parents moving around.  Ethan is the youngest child in the class -- the next youngest is a 4-month-old for whom this is the second Kindermusik class she's taken.  So, while Ethan didn't crawl or walk around as much as the other kids, he did seem to be soaking it all in (with a few really big yawns stuck in there).  His favorite parts were playing with the jingle bell rattles (he grasped his rattle himself...and accidentally rattled it a couple times), the waving "hello" song (when it was his turn the be waved "hello" to, the teacher swore he acted like he wanted to wave back), and the song where he laid on the floor with all the other babies for a belly-rub (he enjoyed looking from side-to-side to see who was there).

I took my camera but forgot to take any pictures while there because it was so interactive but will try to get some before the semester is over.

After we got home and ate some lunch, both of us were super tired so we settled down for a long afternoon nap!
"I want to go back to Kindermusik"

"But I might just be sleepy"

Yup -- time for a nap!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Ethan is adorable!!!