Monday, August 9, 2010

30 Weeks

We are 30 weeks pregnant this week and a lot is going to change soon. Little Bit is doing great -- he is still moving and kicking lots and really gets active after I eat ice cream. This week is also my last week at work before moving to TN. I'll be sad to leave but am looking forward to having a couple months to move into the new house and settle into TN before Little Bit's arrival. The movers come to pack our stuff on Thursday and the truck will get loaded on Friday. We should be in our new house in TN either Saturday or Sunday.

Little Bit has been getting some really nice presents from friends at work the past few months. He should be a well-dressed baby. Today he received a layette set with stars and a guitar -- to prepare him to be a country music star in Music City.

Today was a first for me too. It was the first time someone on the bus gave me their seat, which was very nice and very appreciated, especially since it was a pretty warm day and I had been waiting for a while for the bus to come. I had been wondering if I'd get through my whole pregnancy clumsily swaying back and forth on the bus while standing! :P Lucky for me, bus riding will be over soon anyway!

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