Monday, April 5, 2010

Lawn Mower Decisions

Cayne and I have decided that maybe it's not really worth it to hire a yard service to take care of our yard this summer. Last year, our yard service did a great job, but let's be honest...we're in a rental where the yard hasn't really been properly cared for in years. There's actually more clover and weeds covering the ground than grass. Paying someone to do edging and to blow the clippings away seems silly, all things considered.

So, on Easter Sunday, we headed to the hardware store to look at lawn mowers and are trying to decide which one to get -- there are so many options and since neither of us has really had to take care of a lawn before, it's hard to know which ones are worthwhile. The biggest decision is probably between a self-propelled or push mower. Since the self-propelled is only $20 more and our backyard is a pretty good slope, this seems like the best option. Now we have to decide on which brand and price-range we want. I'm all for getting one that's not quite bottom-of-the-range, but Cayne has a good point that a bad lawn mower will just be frustrating.

Let us know if you have any suggestions! Right now, we're considering Lawn Boy, Toro, Craftsman, and Yard Machines.


  1. Go for a unpowered push mower, the weight you drop by not having an engine in the first place will make up for the not having drive. Something like this


  2. That and electric were our first two choices. But with a slope in the back, and 1/3 of an acre, neither are practical. We did some reading and learnt that even 1/4 of an acre is too big for either choice.

  3. :) keep the lawn service Cayne you will never get a round tuit otherwise lol. Wait until you have your own house then get passionate about cutting lawns. hmm I have this vision of Betsey trying to get through the Jungle and you at your computer.....MA xxx

  4. Hahaha. And apparently the lawn service came and mowed today anyway! :) So much for "call us to let us know if you want to continue service this season".