Sunday, August 9, 2009

Settling in to the New Home

This weekend, Cayne and I spent most of our time shopping. We rented a base model Cobalt (it's such a pain to not have automatic locks, isn't it?) from the local Enterprise Company and off we went to our first stop, Target. We needed to get some very basic things for the house, including a garbage can -- it's hard to believe there are still places in this country where the garbage pick-up doesn't use one of the automatic-arm trucks and where they don't provide you with the large wheeled bins. Funny thing is...our paper recycling bin is one of those large blue bins with wheels, etc (and yes, the paper bin is separate from the smaller "other recyclables" that you have to sort. Oh - and yard clippings have to go in separate, special brown paper bags you have to pick up from the hardware store. I can't make up my mind as to whether this means folks in Arizona were smarter or just lazier since we never sorted anything (apart from keeping trash separate from recyclables) and just had one big trash bin and one big recycling bin to wheel to the end of the driveway each week.

After filling our car with home-goods at Target, we stopped home to unload and then took off for Bed Bath and Beyond. There, we got a new shower head that Cayne installed today (it's awesome) and also a kitchen garbage can. Gotta love those 20% off coupons at BB&B!

We spent today back at Ikea, where I think we've bought everything we need for our kitchen and for Cayne's office. We just beat the same-day-delivery cut-off so now we are just waiting for our purchases to arrive so we can start putting them together and take care of some of the clutter.

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